Quality and Cheap MOT’s

mot logoOffering Quality and Cheap MOT’s at Multi Car Services for almost any vehicle! Carrying out MOT’s the next working day, which is most convenient for the client.

Offering a fixed discount of 18% on our MOT’s. In conclusion, we are cheaper compared to most garages and specialists! In our eyes that’s a steal you cannot miss out on.

MOT’s are carried out by certified MOT Specialists, that is to say you can ensure that you are getting a quality and cheap MOT service!


  • MOT on Vehicles Fixed Price of £45!

    Standard MOT Check on road-worthiness and exhaust emission and also:

    Lights, Steering and suspension, Wipers and Washer Bottle, Windscreen, Horn (beep beep!), Seatbelts, Seats, Fuel System, Emissions, Bodywork, Doors, Mirrors, Wheels and tyres and Brakes

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How Do Our Quality and Cheap MOT’s Work?

Firstly, offering a standard fixed rate of £45 all in. As a result, we ensure that we are competitive to most garages and giving a free quotation following the MOT. In addition to any works required, an immediate start depending on parts are availability.

NOTE: We do not carry out MOT’s in house, as a result, we cannot offer a while you wait service.

Servicing vehicle

What is an MOT?

Vehicles that are 3 years and older require by law an MOT. The DVSA set out strict criteria to determine whether your car is fit for purpose and in roadworthy condition, including lights, tyres and seat belts and emissions. Tests strictly conducted by authorised testers.

Accredited tester by the DVSA to assess your vehicle, will conduct a comprehensive inspection. Ensuring the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition. In short, a vehicle serviced is not the same as MOT test. An MOT test does not check the general mechanical condition of the vehicle. Assessment on the condition of the vehicle on the day will determine the MOT.

To sum up, the tester will provide you with a pass certificate. For instance the vehicle passes, they will also separately list and inform you of any ‘advisory’ and ‘minor’ items and that will require attention. These will require repair in the near future. Multi Car Services can offer you a comprehensive free quotation based on the MOT’s findings.

Not sure whether your MOT is due? Check with the DVSA on Check with the DVSA here!

Whilst getting a quality and cheap MOT, why not get a service? Check out our Service and Maintenance service on our website today and get your free quotation! Click here to go there now!

If the vehicle fails, with Multi Car Services you will be eligible for a free retest within 14 days!